Are you Using Instagram for Business?

InstagramInstagram is Great for Visual Products and Services

Instagram is a relatively young social media platform, but it has been increasing in popularity, especially with the under 30 crowd. Though it has a lot of users, many people in business do not know what it is or how to use it.  It is a great social media platform for businesses with highly visual products and services. Instagram is a photo-sharing app to be used on a smart phone. Accounts can be set up and managed from a desk/laptop, but images are shared through mobile device. On this social media platform you have the option to follow people, post pictures and text, and interact with others about their pictures. Because Instagram has become so popular, with a multitude of eyeballs, it is a great time for businesses with visual content to get involved and leverage all that reach.

Suggestions from Instagram to make the most of it for your business:

Account name – Choose an account name that is your business name or as close to that as possible, so your company can be easily identified.

Profile photo – The best profile image is your company’s logo. it will show on on most phones as a small circle – 150 x 150 pixel image.

Text – Use relatively short captions, hashtags to group your content (no more than 3) and ask questions to get your audience engaged.

Commenting & liking – Just like with Facebook and Twitter, don’t just post images/video, engage with your community about their posts and comments. Use location tags and Photos of You to connect with others.

Tagging – Include the location of your photo or video when appropriate and use the Add People feature to tag others to reach a broader audience.

Image tools – Use the editing tools available in the app  (like Hyperlapse, Layout and Boomerang) to create interesting effects.

Search & Explore – Use the “Search & Explore” function to find people, locations and posts relevant to your brand. Also explore trending hashtags and top accounts in your industry.

So why is Instagram so popular?

Easy to Set Up – Go to the app store for your phone, download the app, register by either putting in a username and password or logging in through Facebook. You will want to set up your profile like any other social media platform, with a profile image and basic information.

Sharing Photos:  pictures can be taken through the Instagram app or pulled from your phone’s cameral roll.  A caption or description can be added, so your viewers know what you are sharing. The image will go on your page and you can also share it on other main social media platforms.

Social: Connecting with others is a main feature of this app. Like with Twitter, you follow people and then see the pictures they post in your stream. You can like and comment on their photos too. Because you photos will be public, you may get questions about the picture from anyone. This tends to be a more relaxed community.

Connecting with People: Instagram allows you to follow your current connections on other platforms easily by brining up the list of your connections that are also on Instagram with a “follow” button.  Instagram will also suggest users you may want to follow.

Amazing Pictures –  There are beautiful images on this platform. You can also follow people who post images of things of interest to you, such as dogs, landscapes, ocean life, etc.

Instagram is easy to use and fun.  Because there are so many people on the platform outside the U.S., you can interact with and learn a great deal about other cultures and countries. Though Instagram is not big on building brands, it is great exposure for your business if you have products and services that present well as images. If you have questions or would like help with your social media, please contact us.

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