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CancunInspired on Vacation

Have you ever wondered how companies in other countries are using the digital space to develop  and enhance their business? With digital platforms increasing in popularity and global access, businesses world-wide are figuring out new ways to leverage technology to their benefit. Do you think there might be a brilliant idea out there that would make a significant difference to your market, but it just hasn’t occurred to you yet? Have you considered what new approaches to solving your clients’ needs or filling desires are proving successful elsewhere? Sometimes we get so focused on our approach, our community, our resources, we forget that there is a vast expanse of ideas and innovation out there for sharing, repackaging, and repurposing.

A Trip to Cancun

I just got back from  Mexico – where I was expanding my own horizons and enjoying a much needed vacation. I met a young man, Sebastian, who impressed me so much with what he had created.  I was compelled to think about what new approach could be right in front of me that I’m not seeing.  Sebastian and I share in common that we both launched and are continuing to developed successful social media/inbound marketing businesses. I was curious how a young man of 22 was able to create what is clearly a thriving enterprise. When we compared notes, our efforts and strategy went along similar paths; IE, attracting businesses struggling to keep up in a fast-paced, technology-driven environment, and crafting solutions to meet their needs.

Though we shared elements of service offerings, strategy, and target audience in common, there was a departure that goes directly to knowing your strengths and opportunities and capitalizing on them. This is so important for business development – having a firm grasp on your audience and being bold enough not only to seize opportunity, but use it as a springboard to create something totally unique. This is what Sebastian did  to leverage the benefits of living in Cancun – a high quality tropical vacation destination. He used his social media management business, SOME (Social Media Mexico), as a base for a website that offers companies in the tourism industry a platform to advertise to their target audience. This in itself is nothing new or exciting, but how he makes it attractive to advertisers and their audience is perfect.

A Great Idea

He has a film crew go to local resorts and events to video people having a great time on vacation. Many of the partiers are college students and young people enjoying the benefits of an environment that offers a wider latitude for behavior.  The film is edited with music, clips of happy people dancing and calling out where they are from, and creative transitions to enhance the quality of the video. Everyone appears to be having a blast…and why shouldn’t they? These beach revelers look amazing and with their fantastic time is captured on video, of course they are going to want a copy of that film. They are directed to the site where they can buy a professionally filmed and edited documentation of their trip to Cancun with their friends. Also on this site are advertisements from the companies who want to attract this exact audience with special offers.


Sebastian’s business makes money on the video sales (brilliant) and on the advertising (resourceful), the vacationers have a unique and lasting remembrance of their trip (sweet), and the local companies have a highly targeted audience viewing and responding to their offers (profitable). Doesn’t everything work better when it is a win for so many elements? Of course their is effort involved – developing the concept, creating the website, convincing advertisers, gathering a film crew and production equipment, finding the events/locations and gaining access, enticing the customers to buy from the website…it isn’t easy or instantaneous, just as most brilliant ideas coming into fruition. There is a great deal of effort involved, and the payoff can be huge.

I love hearing about innovative ways to do business and offer services. I hope you are similarly inspired to look beyond your walls for new ways to develop yourself and your business. If you have questions about social media or would like to collaborate on an exciting project, Contact Us and let’s discuss.

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