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Email Signatures Are you using your email signature to invite people to your social media platforms?

Most of us use email a lot and it is still the #1 form of business communication. Every time you have an email exchange with a client, prospect, partner, vendor, or any other contact, you have an opportunity to showcase your digital presence.  By putting icons linked to your social media sites below your signature line, you are inviting your contacts to take your connection further online.

Here is my signature line with all my sites linked so anyone I email can go to my sites.

Andrea Howard
Social Media Maxima – President


The icons are links that take the reader directly to your page and look more impressive than a text address.  They should be simple, easy to follow, clear, and each one a working link. Having this on your email reflects your professionalism and that you are active in the digital space.

I don’t recommend this if you don’t have social media platforms or If your presence isn’t that impressive.  You should have a consistent presence and an attractive site if you are going to invite people there. Check out a previous blog on how to make your Facebook page look great.   If you aren’t quite ready, you may want to wait until you can show off your platforms proudly before you announce them to the world. I have seen emails with social links, but when I click, there is nothing there…leaving a bad impression.

When you do have social media platforms to be proud of and you want to invite engagement, follow these steps to get your sites linked. There are different instructions for various email servers, so here it is for outlook and the most common resources. If you don’t use either of these, check with your tech support folks or google the instructions.

Instructions from Microsoft Office for Adding Social Icons to Email Signature

Instructions for Adding Social Icons to Other Email Servers

(Including gmail). Click on the email provider you use for more specific instructions on creating a signature line, and follow these instructions for linking an image to your site.

If you have any questions, please let me know.

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