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Understanding Your Demographic on Social Media Gives You an Advantage

We hear that the world of social media is constantly changing, so much and so fast that it may seem impossible to keep up. This can be a struggle even for those of us working in the field, so I can imagine how overwhelming it is for those who have yet to immerse themselves in it. That is why I am writing this blog to update my network on what is going on in social media. I’m not a big statistics fan generally, but getting a pulse on where, what, and how your target audience is engaging in social media is an intelligent form of market analysis.

I’ve adapted this article written by Belle Beth Cooper for the Huffington Post, to suit my purpose and provide inspiration for you to launch or adjust your inbound marketing campaign. Some of the data being published about social media seems obvious (ie., the best time to post a tweet is before 7pm), but others may  be just the ticket  to cause a shift your marketing focus. I hope these tidbits are helping.

Twitter is NOT just for the Young

The fastest growing age group on Twitter is not high school/college age kids, as we may have heard – it is people 55-64 years old.  Maybe this will cause the millennials to flee elsewhere, as some have done with Facebook, but for now Twitter is where it is at for the Baby Boomers. Since 2012, this age group has increased their use of Twitter by almost 80%. Are you tweeting for your business? Is this an age group of interest to your industry? If so, now may be the time to consider getting into Twitter.

Youtube Over Cable

More adults between the ages of 18 – 34 watch Youtube than any cable network. With the migration of viewers from traditional television channels to the variety of digital options, smart marketers are aware of and prepared for where the eyeballs are. If you haven’t implemented a video component to your overall marketing strategy, now may be a good time to dip your toe in the water with a short introductory video announcing your products/services or a “how to” video – great for the service industry .  You may want to hire a local video company, such as Alexis Doty with f22 video solutions.

Who’s Migrating to Facebook and Google+?

Adults between 45 – 54 are the fastest growing demographic on Facebook and Google+. The 55 – 64 year old crowd that is flocking to Twitter has also increased on Facebook by 46% and G+ by 56%.  Being aware that the audience of pre-retirement folks is increasing their social media involvement on these platforms is valuable market data. If that is an important age demographic for your business, having a great Facebook page and getting started on G+ are great strategic goals.

What’s the Most Popular Activity on the Internet?

The answer to this questions used to be, like it or not…Pornography. The growth in social media popularity is not a temporary trend or fad. How people spend time on social media sites, sharing content, responding to posts from others, watching videos and reading articles posted on their friends’ social media pages is now as much a habit or lifestyle as watching television. Understanding the significance of how people are using these sites, even if you do not, and being able to leverage all of this marketing goodness, gives your business the upper hand over those who do not.

Connection Preference

80% of Facebook users prefer to connect with brands and companies via Facebook over other modes of connection. It is not uncommon for business that used to rely exclusively on telephone contact and website requests, to now receive messages for service or inquires through Facebook. For example, a hair stylist I know keeps her Facebook business page open on her phone at all times because she is just as likely to get a request for an appointment there than with a call. Knowing that, she is prepared and responds to her clients’ needs based on their preferences, not hers. That’s just smart customer service.

Just Being There isn’t Enough

Just as having a checking account isn’t on its own good financial management, merely setting up a Facebook page, Twitter account, etc. won’t get you much return until you work it. You have to put resources to it, pay attention, adjust and connect in order to reap the rewards of social media and digital marketing. It isn’t exactly a science, but there are some guidelines that if you understand and follow, your marketing campaign will certainly be more successful. Click here to download our free white paper on Social Media for Business.

Please let me know if you have any questions or would like help setting up and maintaining a positive social media and digital presence for your business…Contact us.

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