“Andrea is an expert in her field of Social Media Marketing and I have seen her in action teaching workshops on the subject as well as leading teams and managing large companies social media presence. Owing to her expertise and excellent credibility in her field I have and continue to recommend her to colleagues and clients for their social media needs. She is a dynamic, out of the box thinking, trustworthy and exceptional leader.”
Richa Badami

“Social Media Maxima has helped keep our name, company image, and brand alive on sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin. We don’t have the staff to keep up with social media, but we know how important it is, especially in today’s digital age. They know what they are doing, finding excellent content to reflect our business, and they are amazing to work with. We recommend them highly to any small business.”
Caring Transitions

“As a client of Andrea Howard and Social Media Maxima for about 6 months, they took me into what was, for me, this new and incomprehensible world of social media. They set things up for me, made me viable, showed me what was going on. They taught me about this whole new way of networking.For anyone who wants to get help getting started, or who wants their business to participate but wants to outsource the whole involvement, Ms Howard and Social Media Maxima will do this for you, and do it right.”
Darshan Khalsa

“I have referred several clients who just didn’t have the time or resources to deal with managing their own social media platform, a necessity in this day and age, and have always heard rave reviews back. Andrea is prompt, easy to communicate with and is a master of using all forms of social media to help her clients achieve maximum results, reach and visibility.”
Tom Carry

“Andrea is the real deal. She is thorough and thoughtful in her analysis of the business at hand. She has the ability to step out of the weeds to gain a broader perspective of the big picture and she does it all with a calm nature that gives you peace of mind that you’re in the right hands.
Social media is something every company needs and thinks they can handle it on their own, then it is the first thing that takes the back burner when deadlines take precedence.
Andrea and her team at Social Media Maxima offer you and your company the ability to have a strong social media presence, meet your deadlines and all at a reasonable cost.”
Mera CK Diaz

“It is with great pleasure that I write about my experience in working with Andrea Howard. She has proven to be very attentive with a network of immensely talented individuals at her fingertips. This proves to be particularly helpful as your business grows and you are in need of varied resources.
She gets the job done with energy that is highly motivating and I found quite empowering. She knows how to plan a strategy that works; letting the client focus on the actual work of the business and unburdened with the massive investment of time it would take to deal with the social media aspect of growing your clients.
I highly recommend Mrs. Howard’s talent and expertise, as an individual and as a professional.”
Selina Farmer-Williams

“I’ve known Andrea for about 7 years. We have worked together on several occasions. She is very hard working and dedicated to helping her clients build their online presence and managing their social media.”
Teressa Grijalva