Use Your Social Media to Connect Your Friends to Your Referrals



You may have friends on your personal Facebook page and you definitely have contacts on Linkedin. These people, like you, have needs for products and services in their personal and professional lives. When the opportunity presents itself, use your personal social media platforms to be the connector between your contacts’ needs and someone who can help them meet that need. Your business Facebook page should be connected to all kinds of businesses and this is a great place to connect the needs of your personal contacts to the businesses to serve their needs. This has several positive effects:

1. You are seen by all of the people in your network as the well-
connected and diverse individual you are

2. You are helping both people; reinforcing the nice person you are

3. You are increasing your social media analytics by interacting on your
platforms along with us and being dynamic as you are

4. You are not promoting your business directly, but others will not
help but connect the personal you with the professional you are

Here is an example that happened with me last week. Someone on my personal Facebook timeline posted that her identity had been stolen. She received many responses from her friends being very sympathetic to this awful situation. I remembered the presentation from one of the other members in my BNI (Business Networking International) group, Nick Lutkins ( , who represents Legal Shield. He has been promoting their identity theft protection and the opportunity to connect and refer was obvious. I responded to my friend’s post about having her identity stolen by offering a referral to someone who could help her with her problem. This produced a great deal of good will, with a positive response from her, from Nick, and from others in our network.

The powerful thing about a “Giver’s Gain” approach is that you do for others without expectation of a positive gain for yourself, and yet you gain anyway.

When you do a referral or connect people on social media platforms, make sure to link the person’s website or Facebook URL in the post if you can. Of course, always reach out to us with questions or if you need help with this – we are here to help you create a powerful and dynamic online presence and we can talk you through it on the phone, meet with you in person, or possibly do it for you.

Use social media platforms to connect the people you know to the products and services offered by the other people you know.

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